Marian Leusteanu

 How did you start playing?

When I was 5 one of my cousins played the accordion. I wanted to borrow it, but he wouldn’t give it to me afraid I would break it. Eventually, when I came back home my grandparents bought me from the Unirea superstore….an accordion.

Have you played any other instruments?

Yeah, I have, from the accordion to traditional folk music. After some years I managed to buy a classic guitar and learned a few notes, some mountain songs from a friend. Thanks to a friend’s good will and vision, in 1993 I got my first bass. Thank you, Iulian.

How did you land in the band?

I didn’t. I was already there, building the landing strip, pouring concrete.

Have you played in any other musical projects?

I’ve played in Aria, a project I left in 2008 and The Teacher’s Orchestra, a band that played some Elvis Presley Tribute shows and concerts promoting big band and rock and roll music.

Major musical influences?

I have no major musical influences.

You purpose in the band?

One purpose only: to be a kick ass bass player.

Generally I fix anything that is broken (mechanic wise, the electric part belongs to Cornel) and whenever they need my opinion on some music I say: “It’s very good/It’s very bad”…I’m surprised my band mates still tolerate me.

Anything else you’d like to add?

It’s clear: it’s love, it’s MONARCHY.

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