Emanuel Burcea


How did you start playing ?
I’ve been abusing pianos since the age of 4, and still going strong.

Do you play any other instruments?
I try to limit myself to abusing only one instrument at a time, and i feel the piano still has a lot to offer.

How did you join the band ?
Nothing thrilling there : Iulian contacted me, and explained things thoroughly. The conclusion – i was what the band needed, and the band was what i needed.

Any other musical projects?
Well…the list of projects i’ve been in is so long that i won’t even start to talk about it. And at the moment, the only important project is Monarchy.

Major musical influences?
Is there such a thing? I try to make the most out of anything, and that includes enjoying music in all of it’s forms.

Your purpose in the band ?
I play keyboards. That means i have to cover anything that is not guitars, bass, or drums.

Anything more you’d like to add?

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