MONARCHY – A Metal Odyssey

An open letter to all fans of metal music and nonetheless, all friends of Monarchy.

Ever since we started this band, we have set ourselves high goals and dreamed big. You always helped and supported us and that’s what kept us going. Well, right now, things are happening and we’re ready to embark on the biggest adventure of our lives and we want you to come with us!!!

In today’s hectic world, when metal is so undermined by the mainstream music and everybody is complaining about record sales, we want to show to ourselves and to the world, that we are a strong community and we still have a word to say in this! For we know, metal is way beyond a music genre, it is a way of living.

So let’s put all this madness together, not as fans of Monarchy, but as fans of metal music. We call out to come and join us on this mental road trip! We don’t want money! We want to see people who care! It doesn’t matter how you contribute, whether it’s a beer, a good word, a pat on the back or a kiss on the chick, we’ll be most happy! Everything counts and mark my words there will be a lot in it for you guys!

Join The Metal Odyssey!
Metal on Monarchy

You can give us a ride towards Leipzig? Or hand us a beer, some food, offer a place to sleep or a quick gig along our way? Here’s where you can support us.

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